Hear what the students have to say:

“Missy shares her love of yoga with her students.  She approaches her classes as an opportunity to have fun working together with her students to explore the many ways to strengthen the body and energize the mind and spirit. Her classes  are full of joy, humor and compassion.  They are very uplifting and healing.  Missy is a beautiful person, I am blessed to have an inspiring teacher who is my daughter.”
Barbara Wieland 

“I have taken yoga from Missy Etter for almost five years. I look forward to our sessions because the classes are upbeat and lighthearted. There is no peer pressure to perform any of the moves exactly right, and each student is free to move at their own pace. I like that the classes begin and end with a relaxation session that involves visualization and breath control. Her choice of background music is very soothing, so much so that I used one of the CD’s during childbirth! I know what to expect at each class, and the predictability is comforting. Each class follows a similar layout, but almost each time we learn a new pose. I have enjoyed watching myself and my classmates progress into being able to do more and more. Anyone who is considering joining a yoga class, I would encourage them to take it from Missy.”
Shannon M Dechant, Age 33

“Thank you so much for opening up a spot for me! Discovering yoga has really helped me. You are an incredible teacher. I really love your approach – it makes everyone in the class feel good about themselves, and I think it also makes yoga more accessible to people who might otherwise see it as weird or too alternative for them. I’ll see you next Thursday!”
Jessica Bily

“Missy has been my instructor in yoga for several years and she has me hooked on yoga. Not only does she make her classes fun she makes everyone feel at ease no matter what shape or condition you’re in. This was important to me since I was apprehensive about taking yoga. Missy’s relaxed and approachable manner eased any doubts I had on my ability to do yoga.”
Amy Williams

“Just wanted to say “thank you” for all your hard work you are doing with Yoga. The program has really become popular, and I know that is largely due to you being such a great instructor. It was nice seeing you last night, and seeing you with the participants, just made me realize that even more. So, thank you very much.”
Jennifer Aufderheide, KMC Comm. Wellness, Exercise Physiologist/Outreach Specialist

“This is the one hour of my week I can be assured of complete relaxation.  The instructions give me the tools to create a quiet place in my mind and body that can be practiced in my home or even on business trips. Not only do the yoga exercises give our bodies greater flexibility, Missy has given us various tools to reduce pain the in our bodies we pick up from various sources. There is a wonderful energy in the class that is propelled by Missy’s spirituality and this energy follows me out the door of the class.  Yoga just seems to fit in with where I’m going in my life.”
Candis Krisher (1 of 2)

“I wrote those lines a few years ago and they are still true today. Missy was on vacation for a few weeks and it quickly became apparent how much I rely on yoga and Missy’s instruction to get me through the week. I could do these moves by myself but Missy adds an indescribable element of calm to the routine. I think I would feel better just by being an observer of the class. Over the years, her instruction has given me a way of getting out of my head and into my feelings, right where the truth begins. No more vacations, Missy!”
Candis Krisher (2 of 2)

“We are all fighting something. It is just part of life. External factors such as stress, the natural aging process, work, school, children, aging parents, relationships, all exact a toll on our bodies.

Add to these physical ailments and bingo, we feel crummy sometimes, maybe once in a while, maybe everyday, maybe every hour. Throw in a little lack of sleep and some pain, and now we are really talking a recipe for breakdown.

What I have discovered is that you need to rebuild and maintain. I have some physical ailments that hit me in my 20’s that have made it difficult to work out and play sports that I truly enjoy. Yoga is a life long physical and mental exercise that has helped me keep going. Yoga is perfect for rebuilding and maintaining. Missy teaches movements that you can use in your own regime of yoga at home.

Missy keeps it lively and entertaining, this is not a yoga class that makes you feel intimidated to ask questions or speak what’s on your mind. She tries to understand what each of the students need and makes sure adjusts movements depending upon your physical needs.

I truly appreciate the class she teaches and look forward to it every week!”
Ed Maurer

“Missy’s classes are tailored to meet the needs of the students – wherever they are any given session. The gentle exercises combined with relaxation help relieve stress. Taking this class over the past year has helped me deal with the illness and death of a friend. I definitely notice a difference if I miss a week.”
Lorraine Fortner

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your yoga class. I love the way you gently guide us from one posture to another. Your style makes the more difficult postures so much easier to accomplish. The hour just flies by and I am always amazed when the time is up.  I feel so refreshed and calm after class.”
Jean Isentrager

“I’m really enjoying class and it has been a wonderful experience for me!  Thank you so much for your dedication. You’re an excellent teacher and I’m very glad to have found you…This has truly been a life changing experience for me…”
Judi Copler

“I have been taking Yoga classes from Missy for 3 years now. Missy has the very best relaxation and visualization techniques imaginable. Her voice lulls you into a wonderful state of relaxation that leaves you with a sense that all is good and peaceful. We often comment in her classes that she should record her sessions so more people can enjoy her guiding them inside themselves to find the tranquility and happiness that we all experience.

Missy always seems to know what we need to work on when we come into the classroom. Her sense of perception is amazing and I always leave feeling very calm and relaxed. She helps us understand what our bodies and minds need to relieve our aches and pains, to sleep better, or to stay limber as we age.

Yoga has become a very important part of my life thanks to Missy. I appreciate all that she has taught me and look forward to many more sessions!

Robyn Philhower

“I have taken yoga from a number of different people and Missy is by far the best. Not only does Missy teach the various postures and breathing, but because she is honestly concerned about her students, she explains how each posture will help to treat different ailments and shows us different things we can do on our own. Missy’s meditations are so relaxing, when I leave class, I feel as though I’ve taken an hour long nap! Not only that, she is super helpful in all areas of life, including family, health, home, work and spiritual. Missy’s caring and thoughtful manner (and advice!) has helped me to work through a very emotionally trying 2007. I don’t know what I would do without her!”
Keisha Jordan

“I’ve taken classes with Missy for about 7 years now.. ever since she started leading.  I guess you might say that I’m addicted.  My body knows if I’ve had to miss class two or three weeks in a row, it just doesn’t feel as comfortable.  So I’ll keep going.

My favorite things?  The feeling of looseness and centeredness that I have as I’m leaving class.  The feeling when doing difficult balance or strength postures that I’m doing pretty darn good for someone in my mid-50’s.  And the guided relaxation..oh the relaxation… guess that’s the favorite.  I go so deep and feel so rested when we are done.

With all the day to day stress of corporate life, the stresses of being a wife and mother and caretaker for my own mother..  the exercise, focus, balance, strength and relaxation that I achieve with Missy’s class are gifts to myself.  Gifts I need and deserve.”
Michele Bauer

“You have saved many souls including mine and I will forever be grateful.”
Maria Stamas